About Be Well

Be Well's sudden rise as a supplier of PPE, medical, and healthcare products during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 actually began 25 years earlier as part of Shelley Wilson’s longtime commitment to helping people.  Shelley is the founder and President of three healthcare companies that provide long-term care to patients of all ages.  Prior to her long-term care career, she was a combat medic in the Army and served 8 years before being discharged honorably as a disabled veteran.

In January 2020, learning about personal protective equipment (PPE) supply shortages around the world, Shelley began purchasing PPE for her 500 nurses and caregivers, along with extra supplies for fellow healthcare professionals in the local community.  With the overwhelming need for supplies from other companies and individuals, Shelley began Be Well.  The company has now assisted thousands of individuals, businesses, schools, state organizations, and federal agencies.

Be Well maintains a supply of all types of safety, health, and wellness items for businesses, schools, hospitals, government agencies, and households.  If there's something that you need and we don't have it, we will find it for you.  We've helped hundreds of clients find products that nobody else could get.  We don't give up until you have the supplies you need.  

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